Vision, Mission and Objectives

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Vision, mission and objectives of FIAT have been created in parallel with the objectives of UMK’s establishment and to ensure the successes of faculty's development are in-line with the university’s.  It has been reinforced in setting up the future plan of the faculty to improve quality of teaching and learning, research and developments, organization managements, and human resource development.  This will bring FIAT to its excellence at presence and for the future.

Vision FIAT

  • To instill entrepreneurial attributes for agro-based industry in the development of the first class human capital.
  • Leaders in instilling science and technology with entrepreneurship for the development of first class human capital.

Mission FIAT

  • To provide knowledge and high quality expertise in agro-based industry.
  • To carry out research and its commercialization in ensuring sustainability for mankind and to support country economic development.
  • To provide services and collaborative networks to fulfil social responsibility.

With the objectives

  • To bring out great quality human capital to be the driving force of nation’s development through infrastructure, delivery system and world class.

Objectives FIAT

  • To incorporate the theoretical of applied science knowledge with the technology which eventually leads to the entrepreneurship supported by high core and well verse English undergraduates.
  • To produce undergraduates that excel in agro techno entrepreneurship, who love nature and can strictly protect, appreciate and valued biodiversity.
  • To support high performance goals of faculty with appropriate structures, processes and resources.
  • To develop a professional visionary human capitals with the capabilities to contribute to the faculty development effectively.
  • To facilitate the organization of cross-disciplinary groups in the key thematic areas of researches such as being a part of ECER cluster development.
FIAT Client Charter

Customer charter for the faculty was brought to existence to ensure fast and efficient services that fulfil the demand of the customers which are constituted of the students, society, and the industry.  The enforcement of the charter is also part of the effort to increase the quality and productivity of staffs that are highly disciplined, responsible and sensitive to the needs of the customers.

In making the faculty’s vision and mission to bring excellence in knowledge, we are committed to fulfill theright of customer as follows:





Provide opportunity and effective teaching and learning environment that is able to shape first class human capital with high competitiveness, strong entrepreneurial attributes and are able to fulfill job demands inside and outside the country.


To create effective and high quality management culture with dynamic and conducive working environment suitable for the development of self potential among staff members, while strengthening collaboration with the whole community in the university.


To form society and regional development as the responsibility of the faculty to give impact and remain relevant in fulfilling the effort in economy development of the society and country.


To involve industry as smart partners in effort to improve the faculty. This includes industrial input for teaching, research, human resources development and to strengthen entrepreneur culture and businesses.