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Bachelor of Applied Science (Product Development Technology) with Honours


Bachelor of Applied Science (Product Development Technology) with Honours programme at UMK is a new programme that has not been offered at other universities in Malaysia. This programme will provide opportunities for students to master various knowledge and skills in the fields of science and technology in line with the government policies and the public aspiration in modernising the fields of agriculture and applied biology. Graduates of this programme will be exposed in various aspects of product commercialization starting from basic design to the development of products to enhance the commercial value of a product.


UMK offers a Bachelor of Applied Science (Product Development Technology) with Honours. This programme has duration of eight (8) semesters with a total of 122 minimum credits for graduation credit. Specific goal of this program are to:
• Produce graduates with the skills and expertise to develop products starting from identifying the raw materials used to the product development that will ensure success in the market.
• Produce graduates which have the ability to produce products through creative thinking and innovative in proposing a design that could be developed, meet the standard, unique and has added value.
• Meet the needs of the industry in manufacturing products through the production of valuable commercial products for food and non-food industries.
• Emphasize the product development through research leading to lifelong learning in the production of latest product design which follows trend, needs and preferences of the user.


This programme aims to produce graduates:
• Who are able to demonstrate an understanding of product development knowledge and skills to design products in food, cosmetic and biopharma- ceutical.
• Who are able to analyze the current status and able to review the decision-making solutions by being innovative and creative through scientific thinking skills in preparation to create an efficient natural resource-based industry with added and commercial values.
• Who have the abilities to apply knowledge, technical skills and experience in the development of a product with a focus on determining the method of problem solving in product development according to current needs.

Program Structure (F20 intake)


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Career Opportunities

Public Sectors:
• Lecturers in Institute of Higher Learning and Polytechnic
• Researcher / Scientist
• Officers in various Government Agencies and Statutory bodies
• Administrative and Diplomatic Officers
• Science Officer

Private Sectors:
• Lecturer Private Education Centers
• Quality Control / Assurance Executive
• Researcher / Scientist
• Bio / Agro based Entrepreneur
• Setting up own company - self employed

Study Fees
Study Fees Local Students
Study Fees International Students

Entry Requirements
Local Students
International Students
4 years


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