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Bachelor of Applied Science (Agrotechnology) with Honours


Combine your interest in Agriculture and Technology and be at the forefront of the industry with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan's bachelor degree, offered in the Faculty of Agro Based Industry! 

Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Agrotechnology) with Honours degree aims to educate students in the scientific habit of thought, entrepreneurial skills and prepare them to become professionals with entry-level competencies in technical agriculture. It emphasizes the processes and techniques of identifying, diagnosing and analyzing problems and in designing, packaging and applying technologies needed in the development and conservation of the agriculture and food system resources. The programme enables graduates to gain an understanding of crop production systems for the sustainability of the agricultural industry, including the underpinning scientific, economic and business principles and the applicability of recent technologies and developments to increase the nations' food production and food security. Besides, the programme also emphasises in assessing the agri-environment interactions and devise environmental management strategies and managing agriculture as a business. The programme also promotes precision farming through the latest technology inputs which strengthens the links between agriculture-related agencies and explores the sources of food supply from the vast natural resources sustainably, maximising yields, increasing efficiency and managing costs of farming.


UMK offers a Bachelor of Applied Science (Agrotechnology) with Honours. This programme has duration of eight (8) semesters with a total of 122 minimum credits for graduation credit. Specific goal of this programme are to:
• Diversifying the agricultural sector, while supporting activities related to agrotechnology.
• Generate 'hands on' and lifelong learning gradu- ates: knowledge and skills to explore new industry based on the challenge of agriculture business.
• Meet the needs of the workforce required in the agriculture and manufacturing industries especially in the production of food from agriculture sources.
• Will be the foundation of successful entrepreneurial activity.


This programme aims to produce graduates :
• Who could apply their knowledge, skills and experience in animal husbandry while at the same time enhanced knowledge through research and development.
• Who are capable to analyze current issues and capable to find solutions and make creative and innovative decisions when handling problems faced in the animal husbandry and in entrepreneurial development of agro industry.
• With an intellectual capacity able to address issues and problems creatively, communicate effectively while at the same time imbued with social responsibility and above all morally upright.


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Career Opportunities

Public Sectors:
• Lecturers in Institute of Higher Learning and Polytechnic
• Researcher
• Agriculturist
• Environmentalist
• Officers in various Government Agencies and Statutory bodies
• Administrative and Diplomatic Officers
• Environmental Protection Officer
• Science Officer

Private Sectors:
• Lecturer Private Education Centers
• Entrepreneur in agro ecosystem sector
• Manager of animal husbandry company
• Farm manager
• Setting up own company - self employed

Study Fees
Study Fees Local Students
Study Fees International Students
Curriculum Structure
Curriculum Structure

Entry Requirements
Local Students
International Students
4 years


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