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As an entrepreneur, I must say that livestock production is a massive work with many challenges. The knowledge and experience that I gained throughout my study years at FIAT UMK have helped me a lot. I believe that we can play our small role in this world to create a significant impact on it. So grab the chance and make your step to FIAT UMK. Learn the best from the best to be the best!

- Harun Hazim

This agrotechnology course in UMK give me much chances to indulge in entrepreneurial especially in mushroom industry. Now I could help communities in my village to increase their incomes. I feel very grateful to all lecturers and staff in FIAT UMK who help me to build my confidence and awareness about the potential of agro-industry.

- Liong Tiong Seng

Husbandry Science course has open my horizon on the importance of learning animal husbandry because of the importance of our nation food security. . This course is highly marketability as I got several offers from companies that offer at the end of my semesters in Jeli Campus. It also has taught me many things and skills on how to runs husbandry business because I had experiencing working in the farm in various field such as ruminant, aquaculture, poultry and others.. Lastly, the Faculty of Agro Based Industry was situated at Jeli Campus and I can said it was a blessed as the surrounding of the campus offers calmness for study.

- Muhammad Zarif Bin Samsudin

Agricultural technology is vital to ensure the sustainability and security of the raw material. I learn the advantages of enhancing the resources for improving the community. At this point, the postgraduate program provided the platform to create the opportunity to all. As a student, I believe I can contribute my effort to the farmer primarily to ease the problem in postharvest management. The beneficial outcome from the research will help them to prevent the same mistake. During my study period as a Masters student, I had many opportunities to attend seminars at UMK as well as at international level conferences. This has given me chances to exchange ideas and mingle around other postgraduate students and prominent researchers. Surrounded by the right environment, we can go further. I am proud to be UMKIAN and a part of the FIAT society.

- Wan Norin Syerina Mior Azmai

Studied the food security program at FIAT UMK is a journey that makes me learned new things every day. I have explored the relationship between upstream and downstream of agricultural production with economy and food supply chains in global. The food security issue is crucial for our country as it concerns how people able to access good quality and safe food for life and stay healthy. Thus it makes me becomes more alert and understands the challenges of agriculture and food sectors in Malaysia and how to overcome national food security.

- Ang Jia Hui

The knowledge that I learnt in the animal husbandry course not just only on the theory, but also on the practical session. It teaches me how to meet and helping the community, solving and create a new idea to overcome the barrier. I love and proud to be one of the postgraduate Masters students at the Faculty of Agro Based Industry. We didn't just learn about taking care of the animals. Still, we also learn to generate and diverse in all aspects that related to the animals.

- Nor Syairah Atiqah Binti Mohamad Hanafiah


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