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Meeting with Kelantan Biotech Sdn Bhd

On 22 June 2020, Kelantan Biotech Corp Sdn Bhd and the Faculty of Agro-based Industry (FIAT) held a meeting at the Jeli Campus. The meeting chaired by the Dean of FIAT, Prof Nik Marzuki bin Sidik. Kelantan Biotech Corp Sdn Bhd Operations Executive Officer, Mr Mohd Afzanizan Arif, started the meeting with a brief introduction about his company. Kelantan Biotech is currently developing a project called the Naimbif Preservation Project with Kelantan State Agriculture Committee, and the development of a mini frozen process laboratory in Jeram Pasu. Kelantan Biotech is seeking experts from FIAT to work together to make these projects a success. Dr Raja Ili Airina as the Head of the Livestock Science Program (SBH) welcomed this proposal since SBH lecturers have relevant experts in artificial insemination courses. The Head of the Agriculture Department, Dr Khairiyah Mat, also proposed the construction of the first Breeding Center in Kelantan. The centre enables sustainability for the Naimbif project. Mr Mohamad Anuar Azmin, industry development officer participated in discussions related to breeding technology and genetic improvement. Discussions continued with a plan to produce animal feed from local raw materials. FIAT's expertise, Dr Mohammad Mijanur Rahman, explained that animal nutrition is something that is critical and is highly emphasized by breeders because the cost of animal feed increases almost every year. He recommends several food rations for a balanced diet and an appropriate study period to achieve project objectives. Besides, the processing and production of organic fertilizers from animal manure was discussed in this meeting.
Date: 22-Jun-2020


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