Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


A leader in the integration of science and technology with entrepreneurship to first class human capital development



  • Provide knowledge and expertise of high quality agro-based industries.
  • Conduct research and commercialization of research results for the preservation of mankind and economic production.
  • To provide and promote networking to meet social responsibility.


Producing quality human capital to drive the development of the country through provision of infrastructure, the delivery system and world-class human resources.


  • Faculty members who have high moral and ethical, professional and innovative which can generate change through consensus. 
  • Strengthen the relationship between the faculty and the university through alumni outreach and networking. Increasing external funding and support for research, teaching and outreach.


  1. Empowering basic agricultural knowledge that aims to ensure sustainable development of agriculture and food sources.
  2. Develop technology-savvy human resources with the ability to contribute effectively and professionally.
  3. To produce graduates of high ability in agrobiotechnology who are entrepreneurial and supported by humanitarian values and language proficiency.
  4. Explore the research and development of the agro-based industry by seeking the best source of wealth to ensure the adequacy of the country's food supply while protecting and protecting the environment.
  5. Provide support systems that contribute to faculty excellence and integrity.


Quality Objectives

1. Curriculum review for all academic programs is carried out every 5 years.
2. 80% of staff get a LNPT score of at least 85%.
3. 75% of the lecturers are qualified Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) or equivalent qualifications.
4. At least 90% of graduates get a job after 6 months of graduation.
5. 65% of lecturers as principal investigators (PI) in research grants.
6. Course teaching evaluation scores by students at least reach a scale of 4.0 for all evaluation categories (courses, lecturers, facilities, e-learning, answer transparency).


Client Charter

Agro Industry towards Sustainability of Life
In realizing the mission and vision of the faculty in order to uphold the excellence of knowledge, then we with determination and commitment promise to fulfill the rights of customers as follows:

To provide opportunities and a quality teaching and learning environment that is able to form first -class human capital with high competitiveness based on strong entrepreneurial attributes to meet the domestic and foreign job markets.

Creating an efficient and effective quality management culture as well as a dynamic and conducive work environment for the development of staff potential, while strengthening cooperation with all university staff.

To ensure that the role of the faculty remains relevant in supporting lifelong education and awareness and community capabilities based on agro -based industries, product development and bio -technology.

Establish strong smart collaborations in an effort to enhance industry capabilities through consulting activities, commercialization of research results and cultivating entrepreneurship and business.